What is Notch Filtering


Understanding how to EQ properly when mixing is the # 1 sign of an experienced mix engineer. A veteran mixer understands how to shape and sculpt a mix using EQ making the song almost radio ready with only this technique.


Using the technique of Notch Filtering will allow you to focus in on trouble frequencies making your mixes clear and less muddy.


Notch Filtering is the practice of finding unwanted or annoying frequencies while mixing


This simple concept will not only create better mixes but will guide you into understanding how important frequency balance is when mixing. Let’s get started!


Finding unwanted or damaging frequencies


When you realize the importance of removing harmful frequencies, your mixes will take on a new life. Scanning for unwanted frequencies is very simple. Let’s look at the video below:


Raise the Q on 1 frequency band all the way getting it as thin as it can get. Boost the gain all the way up. Starting scanning left to right to find unwanted frequencies.


Your goal is to find those harsh frequencies that are ringing harshly or contain a harmful buzz. They are easy to find and will create a shriek in your ears that will instantly signal a harmful frequency that has to go.


Be sure to scan the entire frequency range from 20 Hz to 20000 kHz to find what you are looking for.


Getting rid of those unwanted frequencies


Once you have found those ringing and harsh frequencies, it’s time to take them out. Drop the gain to your desired removal and there you go. Let’s look at the video below to see what is happening.


Lower the gain on the specific frequency until satisfactory.


It is up to you as a mix engineer to decide how much of the harsh frequency to take out. This is part of crafting our mixes and creating your own sound and style.




Remember that your job as a mixer is to create a pleasant experience for the listener. Removal of these harsh and hindering frequency is the first step in creating this outcome. Your mixes will sound cleaner and wider when apply this type of precision Eq’ing to your mixes.