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What are the Mix Challenges?


The Mix Challenges are a set of simple tasks that will ease you into the world of mixing. The world of mixing can be a confusing and complicated world to dive into for the beginner. Here at 1st Year Producer, we believe understanding the basics of mixing is essential to creating great music. With these specifically designed, simple challenges you will begin to understand the “WHY” and “HOW” of mixing by focusing on one task at a time.

How do I complete a Mix Challenge?

It’s easy!


Pick a Challenge

There are many challenges to choose from. Pick one that interests you. Your goal is to complete all the challenges!


Download the Multitrack Session and Import it into your DAW

Follow the task

1st Year Producer focuses on 1 task at a time to develop your mixing skills



Our tasks are designed to ease you into the world of mixing

Developed with the beginner in mind!

No complicated techniques

No confusing terms

Just simple challenges designed to help a beginner grow at their own pace!

Secrets of recording drums

Don’t let recording drums intimidate you. Learn what it takes to capture a great drum sound in the studio

Gain Staging vs Headroom

Knowing the difference between gain staging and headroom will take your recordings to the next level

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Below you will find your Mix Challenges

Fundamental 10 Challenge

If you are brand new to mixing and don’t know where to start, the Fundamental 10 is ther perfect place. Designed with the novice in mind, this set of challanges will guide you step by step through your first mix process. You will review the basic workflow that all mix engineers go through when mixing.

Drum Challenges

Here you will the learn basics of mixing drums. From track naming, basic equlatization settings and compression, discover what it takes to get that great drum sounds in your mix.

Equalization Challenges

With the Equalization Challenges you will be tasked to create a specific sound for certain intruments. Your tasks will focus on common Eq settings that you will need to learn in the world of mixing.

Guitar Challenges

The guitar is a very versatile intrument in the studio. You will be taksed to create various spacious sound using the guitar track in your mix. You will be introduced to panning, delay and reverb in these Challneges