Gift Ideas for New Music Producers

There is no better feeling for me then discovering someone who has chosen to start their journey in music production. When I think about the joy, they are going to encounter during their recording journey, it reminds me of all the happiness I’ve had in my career. With that being said, if you’re a parent, family member or friend of an aspiring recording engineer it may be difficult to choose a gift for them due to the amount of choices and confusing gear that comes along with owning a studio. Below is an easy to read gift guide for those looking to buy a gift for their new music producer.


Every amateur music producer starts off at the same place with their mic collection. Collecting microphones is going to be a big part of owning a studio. The more microphones the better. No matter how expensive or cheap a microphone is, there is always a specific application that an extra microphone could be used in. When I began recording music professionally, I often found myself using microphones I had purchased years ago in large studio sessions. Having that feeling of knowing that I always had spare microphones in the studio always set me at ease. Below are a few good mics that will always deliver in the studio and their price range isn’t so high.


Cords are like gold to musicians and producers. You can never have too many. Why? Because they are always giving out or somebody always forgets theirs. No matter the length too, there is always a use for a cord for a producer or musician. Microphone cords are an excellent choice for studio owners. They will be put to good use too. You’ll see the eyes of your young producer open when they see they received a brand new XLR cord from you. Trust me. Check out


What are plugins? Simply put, plugins are tiny programs used to shape the sound of an audio source. Plugins are the heart and soul of audio production. With plugins, a young studio owner can create their vision musically. They can shape and tailor an instrument to sound like whatever they want with plugins. Many Digital Audio Workstations, or DAW’s, come with a few factory audio plugins but the ones that make the greatest impression need to be bought. Check out the list below for some essential plugins that every young producer needs.


Headphones are usually one of the first purchases an aspiring studio owner makes. A simple headphone setup allows anyone to begin creating music on their laptop. As the studio progressively grows so will the need for better and better headphones. Additionally, as the studio begins to attract larger projects like a full rock band, the need for multiple headphones use at the same time will be prevalent. Studio headphones are another item that you can never get enough of, especially if your goal is to run a larger studio with various clients of all genres. Below are amazing headphone options and great gift ideas for any audio engineer of any level.

Gift Cards

Finally, because the world of music production is so complicated and confusing especially to someone who has no idea what is going on, a gift card would be happily received by your young producer. Gift cards allow the young aspiring producer to direct the money towards items that are really needed. Music production involves so many aspects and elements that it is an ever-growing experience that truly never ends. Having the additional budget, provided by you through the gift card, will not go overlooked or unappreciated. Below are some of the best musical and recording supply companies in the business.