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Here you can browse our library of full multi-track sessions from around the world
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Why are mutli track sessions so important?


When you are first beginning your career into audio production most novice engineers all lack one thing, EXPERIENCE! It is hard to put into practice what you are learning through your research if you don’t have the audio files to practice on. Thats where 1st Year Producer! Below you will find our ever growing catalog of full session files of all genres and difficulties at your disposal.

How do I download the files on this page?


Simply browse the catalog below. When you find a genre or category that interests you, click the Session #. You can then preview a dry, rough mix of the song you will be downloading on the next page and hit download. You will then be sent a zip file into your downloads folder where you can unzip and import the files into your favorite DAW, digital audio workstation. Because most of our available session are very large in storage size, we recommend downloading them on a laptop or desktop computer.