1st Year Producer

A beginners guide to mixing

Welcome to 1st Year Producer

This is a site dedicated to young, aspiring mix engineers who want to learn the art of audio production. Here at 1st Year Producer we lay the fundamental building blocks to create better and better mixes. We focus on simple tasks, called Challenges, to help establish those basic skills that every mix engineer needs to learn when first starting out. These challenges are specifically designed with the beginner in mind using simple tasks and vocabulary to guide you to success. Audio production can be a very intimidating undertaking but with 1st Year Producer we got you covered!

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Secrets of recording drums

Don’t let recording drums intimidate you. Learn what it takes to capture a great drum sound in the studio

Gain Staging vs Headroom

Knowing the difference between gain staging and headroom will take your recordings to the next level

Developed with the beginner in mind!


 No complicated techniques

No confusing terms

Mix Challenges

Dive into the world of mixing with our Mix Challenges and learn that Simple tasks, Create great mixes. Here at 1st Year Producer, we focus on the beginner, the young aspiring audio engineer who wants to learn the fundamnetals of mixing.


In the world of mixing you need experience to create better mixes. Our library of full Multitrack Sessions will help guide you in the right direction. Download and Import and apply the techniques you learn in your Challenges to become a better mixer at your own pace.